Drive-in Conf:
Java Edition

Arena Armeets Sofia, bulevard "Asen Yordanov", Sofia, Bulgaria

30 Sep, 2020


Bulgarian Java User Group

EPAM Bulgaria

About the conference

The event is organized by the Bulgarian Java User Group and EPAM Bulgaria.

It’s time to register

Join in for a fun evening of popcorn, refreshments and informal Java talks at the drive-in cinema, CinePark. No car? No problem, we also have a comfy lounge area, where you can network with the others. The entrance is free but the registration is mandatory (we only have 50 car slots). If you register, please show up !




30 Sep 2020


Welcome talk by Bulgarian Java User Group and EPAM Bulgaria.


30 Sep 2020

Five Stories About Clean Code (Kostadin Golev)

Every software professional has heard about the mythical creature called clean code. Yet we programmers usually find it hard to explain what exactly makes a certain piece of code "clean".

The best definition of clean code is “the code we wanted to write”.

In this fun and entertaining talk, we will discuss a few of the principles that make a piece of code “clean”. We will show the impact of applying them and how they are can be found everywhere around us. Next time you see a piece of "bad" code, it will be easier for you to explain what is wrong with it and why writing code that “just works” is not enough. Even to non-developers.


30 Sep 2020

Java Devs--Now Is Your (Web) Time (Adam Bien)

Web development became similar (identical?) to the old Swing / AWT / Java FX days. The best of all: you don't even have to install or learn any frameworks, just open your favourite editor and rely on browser standards.

I'm going to build a small SPA from scratch and use Java examples to explain what is going on.

If you are a Java developer now it is the best time to become a Web-Guru.


30 Sep 2020

Deep learning with Java (Stefan Angelov)

In this presentation, I will try to demonstrate how you can use deep learning with java. We can do a demo and explain how that is possible and which libraries are available for that. We will introduce and


30 Sep 2020

A Few New Cool Features in Modern Java (Dr. Venkat Subramaniam)

With the new release cadence, programmers can enjoy new features at a much faster rate. Java has been evolving rapidly, but in a responsible manner. While some of the new recent features in Java have been around in other languages for a while there are some coolness for them being introduced in Java. First, programmers who are maintaining large legacy systems can make use of these exciting features, right there in Java as they move forward to adopting newer versions. Second, Java brings its own twist and innovation to how these features are used in the language. Learning these is not only an exciting journey but can also make us more productive when writing Java code. In this presentation we will take a live coding, example driven approach to look at a few features that have been added to Java in the most recent releases of the language.

Drive-in Conf : Java Edition


Arena Armeets Sofia, bulevard "Asen Yordanov", Sofia, Bulgaria