Drive-in Conf: The Learning Journey

Drive-in Conf Lite: The AI had a new format, great location, and exceptional speakers. The event was held on 4 October 2023, in the heart of Sofia – at Kino Cabana. Our guests had the opportunity to come by car, public transport, scooter, roller skates or just to have a nice walk to the location.

Our speakers – Alex Yochev, Borislav Nikolov, Martin Chaov, Mihail Mateev, and Samuil Aleksov shared more about what artificial intelligence is, what the opportunities it provides in different industries, and what the future looks like with it!

Sam Aleksov, Chief Software Engineer at EPAM, presented the topic “Navigating the sea of generative open-source models”. He delved into detail about the computer science world.

Borislav Nikolov, Creative and Senior Designer at EPAM, talked about “AI & Design: The Moloch Dilemma.” His talk discussed how AI affects design not only as a controversial tool of the future but also as the philosophical question & implication of it being part of our daily lives.

Martin Chaov, Lead Software Architect at DraftKings, explained more about AI and software development with his talk “Github Copilot vs. Reality.” The session kicked off with an introduction to the role of AI in coding, followed by a quick primer on the GPT model that fuels GitHub Copilot.

Mihail Mateev, Senior Architect at EPAM and Microsoft, discussed the topic “ChatGPT Security Risks”. Despite a significant positive impact on the industry, ChatGPT also provides options for cyber criminals to develop malicious tools like malware and cyber attacks, sharing of sensitive data, and training for cybercriminals. Mihail shared more on the matter!

Alex Yochev is an Application Migration and Modernization Lead for Microsoft at CEE and MEA. He has been building applications and working with developers for the last two decades. Alex’s topic was “Build your Co-Pilot with Azure OpenAI” where we dived into the architecture and services used for building intelligent apps.


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